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A car accelerates along a road which force actually moves the car?

Question asked by: ali shah

Asked on: 12 May 2008

The frictional force between road and the tyres of the car actually move the car.
By: maria15
Replied at: 17 Jul 2008
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Comments and other answers:

Frictional force because no body can move on the ground without frictional force acting in opposite direction to the motion of the body.
By: egbe16

Date of comment: Sun, Jun 2nd 2013

F=ma,so if you considered air resistance=,Fx-(Fk+Fa)=ma,so Fx=ma+Fk+Fa,therefore ma+Fk+Fa that is Fx caused the car moved...
By: HangNaim

Date of comment: Fri, Feb 10th 2012

It is true that frictional force and air resistance are forces that contribute to the acceleration of a car, but these two forces are minute and opposes motion. The force that solely accelerate a car is generated from the car engine. The force generated here overpower the two opposing forces, therefore the car accelerates. And if otherwise the car will deccelerate and will eventually stop with time.
By: Ajilore S

Date of comment: Sat, Jan 14th 2012

Force from the road
By: aviesss

Date of comment: Fri, May 6th 2011

It is the frictional force the accalerating car overcomes due to the drag of the wind on the car that keeps it.
By: juleses

Date of comment: Mon, May 17th 2010

Yeah Initially friction with a small amount of inertia once moving. However if your talking about force as energy thats very different then it becomes the birth of the universe that moves the car :p
By: Chris19579

Date of comment: Tue, May 5th 2009

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