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A car was sold for 2,975 after a 7% reduction in price. what is the original value?

Question asked by: knowitall

This is a percentage change question - obviously I'm not going to give you the answer and do all the work for you.

But here is a hint: find the formula for percentage change and then simply apply it to the particular numbers here. This way you will learn the method and be able to do percentage changes in future rather than just get the answer and have all the work done for you!

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

I'd go like this: new cost 2795 after 7% reduction: (100-7%=93), therefore 2795/93 * 100 = 3198.92 (the original price).
By: sb70520

Date of comment: Sun, Jun 13th 2010

Don't get complicated about a simple problem. To reduce the price from the original x by 7% he used the following formula: x=x * (1 - 0.7) to find the original price reverse the formula x=2975 / (1 - 0.7) x (original price)= 3198.92
By: jhbgaiem

Date of comment: Tue, Jun 23rd 2009

ACTUALLY.......... I think everyone else has got it wrong (or they just typed it in a bad way). And we'll change the pounds to dollars, eh? There is a very simple way to get the answer. 7% had been taken off the first price. Therefore, $2,976 is just 93%. Divide $2,975 by 93, to get one percent of the first number, then times it by 100 to get 100% of the first price. There is your answer. But you have to figure it out for yourself. Use a calculator if your not sure. Just because my name is Calcuchic, doesnt mean I do the work for you.
By: Calcuchic

Date of comment: Thu, May 7th 2009

Its simple.. right first find 10% of 2975 which is 297.5 then find 5% just half 297.5 which come 2 148.75 now u got ur 5%.. now find 1 of 2975 which is 29.75 to get 2% times 29.75 by 2 which is 59.5 now u have ur 2% 5%(148.75) + 2%(59.5) = 7% (208.25) so just add 208.25 to 2975 = 3183.25 its long coz i explaned everthing..
By: mario5

Date of comment: Sat, Apr 11th 2009

The answer is simple all you have to do is figure out the percentage amount she saved and add to orginal price. Answer is 3183.25

Date of comment: Sun, Jun 29th 2008

Let x represent the total amount. 7/100 = 2975/x (cross multiply) 7x = 297500 (divide both side by 7 to find x) 7x/7 = 297500/7 x = 42500
By: emenems

Date of comment: Sat, May 31st 2008

Pls change let x represent total amt to let x represent original price
By: emenems

Date of comment: Sat, May 31st 2008

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