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A drawer contains 50 bolts and 150 nuts.half of bolts and half of nuts are rusted.if one is chosen at random,what is the probability of that is rusted or bolt.

i am doing MBA in corres.i want answer for verification of my assignment.
Question asked by: mathana18

Asked on: 08 Sep 2009

50 bolts and 150 nuts
25 rusted bolts, 75 rusted nuts

Therefore chance that when pick one it is a bolt is: 50/200 or 1/4

Chance that what you take out is rusted is 100/200 or 1/2

By: knowitall
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Comments and other answers:

P(rust) = 100/200 = 1/2 p(bolt) = 50/200 = 1/4 p(rust or bolt) = p(rust) + p(bolt) - p(rust and bolt) = 1/2 + 1/4 - 25/200 = 5/8 answer is 5/8
By: don123

Date of comment: Sat, Nov 27th 2010

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