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A Guy I used to go to school with found me by chance on myspace in October 2006 & sent me a message & we got to chating a bit, we arranged to meet up 2 or 3 times & each time he never showed - why?

Question asked by: stephy

He probably was either taking the mickey or just got scared and was too afraid to turn up... some people are a bit cowardly like that.

Don't worry about it - move on to someone else who is straightforward and will appreciate you for who you are!

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Well about 2 weeks ago now 2007 august he came on chat & we arranged to meet up 10 months after the 1st time when he never showed due to his work, he turned up this time & he was all over me, comeing on to me loads & kissing me, I was a bit shocked by this & he said he was too as he said he does\'nt do this to friends lol, then I asked when he\'d be on chat again & he said monday & he never came on even after I send him messages saying I was on that day & the next, he came on saturday & was all nice & said he had no credit on his phone to reply to me & his net was down because of spy ware on his pc & he\'s only just managed to get the net up on his brothers pc, so I exsepted those reasons & he came over & it was fantastic, all kisses & hugs & everything, we did\'nt wan\'t it to end but agreed it would be the senseble & right thing to do at that time, he told me he\'d either be on to chat on sunday or if not then then monday & he was\'nt either days, now he\'s great in every other way all exsept he never comes on the net to chat when he says he will, thats the problem, it makes me sooo sad & mad that he does\'nt do as he says when I really wanna chat with him & arrange to meet up again, it was his b-day yesturday & I sent him a text & a message on myspace & I took round a card & I don\'t like the area he lives in so my mum took it to him for me & they were walking back to me in the car & as he got closer & closer his smile got biger & biger, he said he now had credit so could text me & he would be on the net that night, but yet again he was\'nt, i did\'nt really exspect him to be tbh, i sent him a text today saying we should meet up again & i\'ve got no reply back as of yet 12 hours ago now :(, so any help at all on this will be really welcolme, thanks loads
By: rachaelg33

Date of comment: Sat, Aug 25th 2007

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