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A hoop strung to a spinning stick with a spring attached to it, how will the hoop move?

the stick is spinning vertically round a solid center.the spring is attached to the stick near the center of the rotation.the frequency of the sticks rotation is constant.the thing that will supposedly happen is - the hoop will slide down the stick because of gravity force, than slide up because of the reaction with the spring. my question is,will the hoop move up and down the stick in a chaotic way? maybe in s simple harmonic way?
Question asked by: rosenman22

Asked on: 03 May 2010

Can I suggest a simple solution which would be to set this up as an actual experiment.

As the set up sounds simple and involves cheap apparatus then the best thing to do might just to be to set this up and see what happens - hope this helps - report back with the answer as I would be interested to know what it is!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 10 May 2010
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