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Any more ideas on getting rid of spots?

Question asked by: knowitall

Getting rid of spots: the classic question! Here are some more tips for you on spots and spot removal:

Use fenugreek leaves in warm water solution applied to the face for ten minutes. This can work well for some.

Also you can try using lemon juice and rose water.

In terms of creams from the pharmacist anything containing benzoyl peroxide should work well for you.

Some people swear by toothpaste whilst others say it just irritates and has no beneficial effect.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

I went to the doctors because nothing works! i got given a cream called duac it was amazing!! its the only thing thats really worked :)
By: kate:)

Date of comment: Mon, Nov 30th 2009

My Tipp is: Just wash your face every day, remove make up before you go to bed and use a peeling every time you take a shower
By: -curious-

Date of comment: Tue, Oct 21st 2008

Heyy. Well I Figured The Best Way To Make My Spots Disappear I Did These Steps... 1. Wet Down Your Face And Use Some Exfoliating Scrub To Get Rid Of Dead Skin Etc. 2. Wash That Off Then What i Use If Clearasil Facial Wash I Rub It In Then Let It Soak And Then Again Wash It Off. 3. After This I Fill The Sink Up WIth Hot Water And Soak It Into My Face So It Will Open My Pores And Clear Them More. 4. Then I Use Cold Water Too Close My Pores To Prevent Dirt Going In. 5. After This Put On Any Kind Of Face Cleansing Lotion And Let It Soak In. 6. And Finally! I Rub In Some L'Oreal Subleme Bronze To Give My Skin a Glow! I No This Sounds Like Alot But It Works On Me =] But Just Do This Once a Day Before You Go To Bed Apart From The Bronze Cream Do That Once Every Few Days To Prevent Bloches. And It Should Work! I Really Do Hope I Helped!
By: xxhrxx

Date of comment: Wed, Sep 3rd 2008

Well my advice would be wash your face in warm water, this opens you pores. Then wash in cold water this closes them.
By: Lottiee

Date of comment: Wed, Jul 30th 2008

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