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Are free will and determinism compatible?

Question asked by: knowitall

As usual with philosophy there are two schools of thought on this interesting question.

Broadly they are the compatibilist set of theories that state that free will and determinism can be true together whilst for incompatibilism they can't and you need to make an either or decision with regard which you believe in.

The divide comes down to definition of free will more than determinism which more people are clear about.

If free will requires randomness of some sort, randomness that is not 'caused' but in some sense truly random then they are not compatible, whilst if free will just means a cause and effect path that is perhaps very complex and hidden from us so that things seem random then they are compatible.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Free will can be justified by determinism since each action can be simple or difficult the aspects are of no importance the conclusion is what determined by free will as each involved to fulfill an aspect both compatibilities are essential .
By: Raiden

Date of comment: Mon, Oct 27th 2008

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