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Are ponytails a good look?

Question asked by: knowitall

Ponytails of course have the reputation for being the hair style that you wear to school and then grow out of later in life.

However, ponytails can be a cool and sexy look for the hair later in life.

Pony tails tend to go into and out of fashion at regular periods for grown ups but right now they are back in with style.

Notice at recent award ceremonies how many celebrities have been wearing their hair in pony tails? This indicates it is cool!

Therefore if you like the simplicity of the pony tail you have the green light right now to wear it with pride!

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Why not?ponytails are good option in summers but see to that your hairs are not too short.they really look cool.
By: eram khan

Date of comment: Tue, Apr 20th 2010

I disagree coz its 2010 and its out of fashion now!!!!!
By: coolcat

Date of comment: Fri, Mar 26th 2010

I agree lots of people are wearing pony tails lately. theyre just simple style =]
By: x-Laurie-x

Date of comment: Tue, Mar 11th 2008

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