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A)Under what conditions,does a patient need to be on a drip of glucose? b)Till when does a patient need to be given glucose? c)How does glucose help the patient recover?

Question asked by: appuswathi

Asked on: 03 Jun 2010

Glucose is basically pure sugar, so I suppose it needs to be given to a patient who needs lots of readily accessible energy in their body.

So anyone who has low blood sugar level I guess it would make sense, but you just need to ask a doctor or biology teacher to find out the answer for sure.

By: daveyc
Replied at: 06 Jun 2010
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Comments and other answers:

Glucose is present at all times throughout the blood. Glucose enters our body via food and is stored as a large molecule (glycogen) in the liver. Our pancreas releases two hormones that control blood glucose levels and they are insulin and glucagon. Insulin suppresses glucose in the blood when there is too much of it. Glucagon goes to the liver and causes glycogen to break up into glucose so that it can be released into the blood (since there is not enough). If someone is on a glucose IV it is likely that these two things (insulin and glucagon) released by the pancreas are not being released at the right time or in the right amount in the persons body.
By: heyocean

Date of comment: Fri, Jul 9th 2010

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