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Average speed

If a car travels from san Antonio to Houston, half of the time at 55 km/h and the other half at 90 km/h and on the way back from Houston to san Antonio he travels half of the distance at 55 km/h and the other half at 90 km/h what is the average speed going from san antonio to houston and the average speed going from houston to san antonio
Question asked by: ego2006

Asked on: 30 Sep 2009

You need to use speed = distance / time to work out questions like this, just put in the numbers that you have making sure that the units are consistent, of course, and then work out the answer.
By: knowitall
Replied at: 11 Oct 2009
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The speed is same in both the cases. Suppose, distance=S, total time=t and speed=v. Then, S=55*t/2+90*t/2=145t/2 Now, speed=S/t=(145t/2)/t=72.5km/hr.
By: psahu63

Date of comment: Thu, Sep 2nd 2010

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