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BBC salaries and freedom of information act?

Given that we can know about what MPs etc earn as they work for us, then can't someone make a claim for the salaries of everyone at the BBC under the freedom of information act? After all it is in the public interest as it is OUR money that is paying these huge salaries for people like Johnathan Ross, Terry Wogan, Graham Norton et al. Yet no-one ever seems to know what BBC salaries are and how high they are. Why isn't this information in the public domain?
Question asked by: artiste

Asked on: 11 Feb 2009

Ha! Yes that's an interesting point.

I don't know if anyone has ever tried to get access to these salaries - I can't see how they could say they couldn't release it for competitive reasons since they pay way more than market rate anyway for a presenters.

The BBC even says itself of 'alleged' salaries in its news reports rather than quoting actual figures.

As for whether anyone has actually tried to request the details I have no idea!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 11 Feb 2009
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