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Can energy be converted into mass?

Mass can be converted into energy is a world known phenomenon, can the vise versa be true ? if true show an example.
Question asked by: siddiq_vnr

Asked on: 16 Apr 2009

Yes, energy can indeed be converted into mass. The classic example of this, of course, is the big bang.

You need loads and loads of energy to create a little mass, so in the modern world mass in the form of particles is only created when there is a huge amount of energy.

However, where there is lots of energy, particles can be created. For instance, when you smash simple particles together with enough energy, the huge amount of energy available can allow particles to be created as happens in particle accelerators etc

By: knowitall
Replied at: 18 Apr 2009
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Comments and other answers:

I think i have an answer to your question. simple eplanition of converting mass into energy back into mass
By: drmplank

Date of comment: Sat, Sep 11th 2010

Imposible. energy can cause force but not mass.mass is something and force is another
By: 3asfour

Date of comment: Thu, May 20th 2010

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