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Can fully blind people from birth dream while sleeping? if so what do they dream about

Question asked by: mitman

Asked on: 09 Dec 2008

Yes people who are blind are able to dream, why shouldn't they be able to lol
By: knowitall
Replied at: 21 Dec 2008
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Comments and other answers:

To answer this you would need to ask yourself if you really dream about things that you have seen or if you dream about feelings or physical experiences. The blind can dream but instead of dreaming in pictures they have the advantage of dreaming in heightned senses. Of smells and feelings. Just because a person cannot see does not mean that they are inconvenienced eg. like saying can a deaf person dream?, course they can they juat imagine the sounds that they might be hearing from descriptions and representations.
By: Ellacarter

Date of comment: Tue, Sep 21st 2010

I think they could quite possibly dream however i think they would most likely dream up their own perspective of what things look like, or dream that they are blind in the dream, the only sure fire way to know is to ask a blind person
By: JakeViper

Date of comment: Tue, Feb 23rd 2010

Of course blind people dream, dreams come from our thoughts and what we think about during the day, not nessacerily images, we might read the news about a plane crash and later on that night dream about being in a plane accident.. and thats from reading the news. so they can dream in ways they picture objects to be,, but as dreams come from thoughts its linked with emotion, i.e if the blind person has had a stressful day and thinks alot about that,,, the dream will represent that..
By: tandaman

Date of comment: Tue, Jun 2nd 2009

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