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Can i keep a windfall

I live in Ireland,yesterday i recieved a cheque made payable to me sent to my address with corect spelling ect.I do not have a policy with this insurance company nor have i made any insurance claims. f i keep this cheque and lodge it into my bank account where do i stand from a legal position
Question asked by: robert

Asked on: 28 May 2008

Best to take advice from a lawyer on this one as not sure what the rules would be Ireland as compared to Britain.

If someone writes you a cheque and sends it to you then you may be entitled to cash it, however don't spend the money as they in turn if it is a mistake I would imagine are entitled to expect it back from you when they realise that a mistake has been made. Maybe pay it in and keep the interest but be ready to give it back when requested!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 21 Aug 2008
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