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Can you tell me how to solve sudoku?

Question asked by: knowitall

How to solve sudoku... that is quite some question!

Well the first thing to do is to go through each number from 1 - 9 and for each row, column and box say 'where can this number go in this region'.

Then go through and mark the candidates. With most puzzles straight off this tactic will give you some numbers which you might then be able to follow through and make further deductions.

Use pencil marks to record possible values for cells and remember to update each time you place a number.

Another tactic is to go through on a cell by cell basis and see what can go in there - this can lead to further eliminations.

With some puzzles you need further tactics, like if you have this in a region: 12, 12, 123 then you know that the third value must be '3'. Why? Because the others must be 1 and 2. If one is 1 then the other is 2 and vice versa, therefore the third number can't really be either 1 or 2.

Confusing? Kind of! Using these tips is enough to solve most puzzles, but harder ones have less moves available at a time so be careful not to miss any.

Really hard puzzles can use further rules too but these should be enough to get you going for now!

If you want help use a good online player that gives you hints as you go along. Try the one at
http://www.saidwhat.co.uk/puzzleclub and click on sudoku and try the sample puzzle there with the hints switched on to help.

By: Unknown
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