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Complex number?

what is square root of i (where i^2=-1).does we have to introduce a new symbol j for square root of i ?
Question asked by: ameerhamza

Asked on: 30 Jul 2010

You need to read about concepts such as imaginary numbers and complex numbers when you start talking about negative square roots.
By: knowitall
Replied at: 01 Aug 2010
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Comments and other answers:

I^2 = -1. Therefore i = the square root of -1. So the square root of i is simply the square root of the square root of -1.
By: Wyess.

Date of comment: Fri, Dec 24th 2010

Also, I forgot to mention, no new symbol is required; simply write it as root i.
By: Wyess.

Date of comment: Fri, Dec 24th 2010

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