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Crushed and Stuck

This boy was friends with me in 1rst grade and then he always acts nice towards me. Ever since then, he was still nice to me, but rarely talk with me. Plus, he's shy, but he does that towards many girls. Plus, I think he likes my good friend, Vanessa. But it may be cuz she skipped a grade, and is younger. What do I do?? I don't talk to him much, and once he like trailed off when he asked me abut my car crash(odd subject) before I could answer him. God, this is killing me for 4 years....PLZZZ!!! HEEELPPPP!!1
Question asked by: mei94536

Asked on: 11 Dec 2009


If you really like this boy and don't know if he likes you too then there is only one way to find out: ask him!

Yes it can be scary but as long as you pick the right time to do it - like when he is on his own and away from his friends - then you can have a quick chat and find out if he likes you or not and then when you know either way you can move on or get it on!

By: knowitall
Replied at: 13 Dec 2009
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