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Dampness around the house and clothing?

My house was empty for around six months before I moved in,it feels like there is a draft running through it constantly.We have always thought that the walls on the inside of our house always feel cold, but now in our front bedroom there is a black mould on the ceiling and in the very corner of the room that is an adjoining middle wall(semi-detached),there is also a crack keeps appearing in the same corner no matter how many times we have tried to sort the crack out it reappears just as quick. Please could someone tell me how to go about combating this problem as now some clothes feel damp if been left out overnight.My house is central heated.
Question asked by: trina2010

Asked on: 25 Oct 2010

Sounds like there are issues with the house and if there are cracks then even something like subsidence could be an issue.

You need to get a qualified surveyor in ASAP to do a thorough examination of the house and check for issues.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 14 Nov 2010
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