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Decanting from one tank into another

Goodday . i wonder if anyone can help with this . I looking for the formula to the below problem inorder to use same to transpose in case i shoild need the pipe size in another case Two tanks , tank A and tank B. Both tanks are on the same level. How much time in hours to fill tank B. Where Tank A is a full water tank( always being filled up from the top)of 100m^3 with a pipe on the bottom filling into tank B , an empty water tank of 50m^3 . The pipe is 100mm in diametre. Both tanks are 10 m high And where 1m^3 of water = 1 ton The problem I.m having is that the flow rate slows down as the tank fills'
Question asked by: robhare

Asked on: 03 Apr 2010

Sounds complicated... good luck with getting an answer ;-)
By: knowitall
Replied at: 10 Apr 2010
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