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Dirty Pores

Ive got dirty pores on my nose and they never seam to go i allways clean my face with all differant typs of face washers and i skweez them out but they never go away help me x natalia x
Question asked by: Natalia

Asked on: 15 Oct 2008

These are normally caused by grease and grime getting into the pores of the nose.

Try to keep your hands off your face at all times and wash regularly so that the oil on the skin cannot go into the nose and make the pores dirty.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 19 Oct 2008
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Comments and other answers:

Regular washin will bring wonders on ur skin.every nite moisturize ur skin even if u hav oily skin try oil free moisturizer .use a genle cleaner it will be good n try usin gels .make a peast of earth filler n rose water and use it once in a week .apply it till it pat dry n then remove it with gentle rubbing .u will notice that ur pores r closed ... hope it will work god bless..
By: ami1234

Date of comment: Mon, Sep 14th 2009

Try not to squeeze them!! I know you may not be able to help yourself but this will only make it worse. squeezing the pore opens it up more frequently and then will be get harded to keep shut and remain tight. a deep cleaning face masque once a week or even a professional facial this will clean the pores deeply, it may take some time but this will help, along with your normal face care routine, but after opening the pores always remember to close them with a toner or astringent.
By: hannah178

Date of comment: Tue, Nov 18th 2008

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