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Do others see the world as i see it?

Since childhood a person learns that a particular object is for example red in color. My question is how can I prove that the world I see is the same as the world another person would see, for example I might see an object red in color, would another person see it as red if we somehow swapped our sight.
Question asked by: Aliqanber

Asked on: 30 Aug 2011

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Comments and other answers:

It all depends on what part of way you see it,according to colours as your examples,people named it red before you call it red.The most shocken thing is that we most have a dream to be able to see it come to pass then people will live by what you have dreamt but if you don't have any dream you will only live by people's dream then the quetion you will ask will be are people seeing things the way am doing.we live in dreams of what people have set for us there by making things seams equall,start your dream so as people will see things through your own perspective.
By: Obumneme

Date of comment: Mon, Nov 14th 2011

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