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Does anyone know how to get the leftover of fake nails off?

i had acrylics done about 3 weeks ago, until i got them off again. unfortunately, i bit them off. :|:|:\ which is the most stupidest thing ive ever done before tbqh. since then, ive had some of the acrylics still left over on my nail and i cant get them off. ive tried filing them down but it still feels horrid. any ideaaas biotches? ;D xxx
Question asked by: nfd ;]

Asked on: 14 Apr 2010

Yes my idea would be not to have bitten them in the first place... am I helping ;)

Seriously though it is worth going back to where you had them done and asking them to remove the rest for you they will do this for free if you ask them nicely probably and will help sort it out properly.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 18 Apr 2010
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