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Does Elizabeth II have to legally leave her throne to Charles Prince of Wales?

Question asked by: knowitall

Yes, there are strict rules on descendancy when it comes to the monarchy.

Indeed, it is determined by male primogeniture and religion.

Thus the eldest legitimate son of the person who is currently on the throne automatically becomes next in line and can only decide to abdicate themselves or if the monarchy is dissolved, otherwise the current monarch cannot skip someone out.

Note however that if the person is Roman Catholic or has married a Catholic then they are not eligible for succession to the throne.

It is for bizarre and outdated and disciminatory reasons like this that many see the monarchy as it is - a useless relic of a bygone age that could be done away with.

Interestingly since it is illegal to discriminate on grounds of religion then the monarchy and the aforementioned rules are illegal. Did no-one notice?

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

The Queen does not leave the throne in a will as it automatically passes to the next in line which is Prince Charles. Yes there are strict rules on who can be 'next in line' and the previous poster is correct in saying that those who are Roman Catholic or married to Roman Catholics are excluded. This is an archaic rule that goes back to Henry Vlll and his estrangement from the Pope and his ruthlessness in promoting the Protestant faith which was just as ruthless by the way as previous and future Catholic destruction of any who differed from their point of view. Henry declared himself the 'Defender of the Faith' a title which the present Queen still holds. However there is talk about this title being updated to 'Defender of the Faiths' to incorporate other religions. A move which Charles wholeheartedly supports.
By: Sweetiepie

Date of comment: Wed, Feb 20th 2008

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