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Energy of spontanius creation of particles

I like to follow cosmology quite a bit, and I mostly "buy off" on random cration and destruction of matter and anti-matter in space. However, I've never seen any data on this. Does this random creation and dectruction create energy or is it supposed to be specific nullification of both energy and matter/anitmatter? How can we assume that the nullifcation is complete, or is the assumption that we're talking about the absolute smallest unit of subatomic particles? Furthermore, it seems our universe favors (in our reference) positive matter. If that's the case could the constant creation/destruction of matter be the driving force of expansion (aka dark energy)? Obviously, my studies are in the simpler subject of silicon and such, so may be far off, but my mind still wonders about these things...
Question asked by: jaimef

Asked on: 03 Mar 2010

As far as I understand this, when matter and anti-matter collide they release pure energy.

However there is also another process whereby tiny particles are supposedly constantly being created then disappearing again out of existence from the quantum foam, as it is referred to. Here these particles effectively borrow energy from the universe before popping back out of existence in an unimaginably fleeting moment - and in this case there is no net energy release.

By: artiste
Replied at: 04 Mar 2010
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