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Find the value of y? (2y-1/3)-(y+3/2)=y-2

I need to find out what y is? (2y-1)/3-(y+3)/2=y-2
Question asked by: John2500

Asked on: 16 Sep 2010

(2y-1)/3 - (y+3)/2 = y-2
Xing throughout by 6, we get
6 x (2y-1)/3 - 6 x (y+3)/2 = 6 x (y-2)
2 x (2y-1) - 3 x (y+3) = 6 x (y-2)
4y-2-3y-9 = 6y-12
y-11 = 6y-12
y-6y = -12 + 11
-5y = -1
y = -1/-5 = 1/5

By: appuswathi
Replied at: 19 Sep 2010
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