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Formation of schist?

My sons\' questions for his homework project are: How are the layers of schist seperated into alternating light and dark minerals? Were the layers already there to begin with and then later became more altered with metamorphic processes?
Question asked by: randall

Asked on: 20 Apr 2008

The heat and compression deep within the earths magma are what cause these unique and interesting layers of striation.

Depending on the particular stresses and strains, heat and pressure applied, and the individual rocks and minerals there in that composed the material, they react differently and this is what causes the banding.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 27 Apr 2008
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Comments and other answers:

Schist is the metamorphic rocks which shows layering. Schist is formed from the shale by the application of high presser and low temprature condtion. schist is fine grained assemblage of minerals. it is very crushed rock.
By: Tectonics

Date of comment: Tue, Jun 15th 2010

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