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Foundations...PLEASE HELP

i am wondering if someone can help me, i have tried silly amounts of foundations, certain makes and shades, mouses and liquids but i just can't find a foundation that will actually stay on, if im going somewere and do all my makeup, by the time i get out, my foundation has already came off! im sick of wasting too much money on different products, i dont have many spots and have not got dry skin so i dont need a specific type, if anyone can help me i would be very grateful i shop at places like boots and superdrug and cant afford a 30 bottle of foundation! pleaaaseee helppp!!!! thanks a lot!
Question asked by: sammie

Asked on: 02 Mar 2010

Not come across this problem before - do you have particularly greasy or oily skin then that is stopping it stay on?

Maybe you should go and have a quick chat with one of the many people in the shops like Boots that try to sell you perfume and make-up and see if they can suggest a product that would work better for you, they are supposed to be skincare etc experts anyhow so might be worth giving it a go!

By: artiste
Replied at: 04 Mar 2010
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Before applying ANY foundation , make sure your skin is freshly cleaned and mosturized . Try using a light moisturizer if you have oily skin . After that , apply a primer . A primer is a very important step for keeping any makeup on , whether its eyeshadow or face makeup . My favorite is MACs prep and prime for face , and i have normal to oily skin . Ask the MAC ladies for help when you would like to purchase some . Secondly , ALWAYS set your foundation with any same colored face powder or translucent face poweder . But be careful not to put on too much of either , or you`ll risk looking like a "cake face" . A powder over top of your foundation will set the the foundation and provide a smooth dry feeling . And last but not least , you could try a setting spray . A setting spray will help keep your make up there all day without creasing or melting off or fading throught the day . MAC has one called FIX+ , but my personal favorite is Model In A Bottle . It helps keep makeup on all day , and 8 hours later it still feels fresh and not oily like my skin would without it . Model In A Bottle can be purchased at modelinabottle.com , and MAC can be purchased at maccosmetics.com or any MAC store . Hope thjis helps !
By: MakeupGeek

Date of comment: Tue, Aug 17th 2010

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