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From the following which have maximum bond angle 1.CH4 2.SCL2

Question asked by: aniket

Asked on: 04 Dec 2008

By: knowitall
Replied at: 21 Dec 2008
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Comments and other answers:

In SCl2 there is one l.p.-l.p. repulsion, two l.p.-b.p. repulsion and one b.p.-b.p. repulsion. l.p.-l.p>l.p.-b.p.>b.p-b.p.
By: psahu63

Date of comment: Fri, Oct 1st 2010

In both cases the central atom is sp3 hybridised. But, in SCl2, there is one l.p.-l.p. repulsion and two b.p.-b.p. repulsions, which causes the decrease of bon angle in SCl2.
By: psahu63

Date of comment: Sat, Aug 28th 2010

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