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Gene expression / inheritance

I was recently asked a question on a exam about gene inheritance and the answer to it has been bothering me ever since. I think it might be a trick question. If a male with a dominant gene marries a girl with the recessive gene what is the outcome. The male parents are dominant (paternal)and recessive (maternal). the girls parents are not listed/given. all that is known about the girl is her gene expression (recessive).
Question asked by: scuba898

Asked on: 20 Nov 2009

Well not entirely sure now you have said it was a trick question, but if the boys parents were recessive/dominant and the dominant won out, then wouldn't the same case happen if these two were to have children, i.e. the dominant would express itself again?

Unless it is a complex gene where there is a chance of something else, e.g. 75% dominant or 25% recessive or something like that. What was the answer given...

By: knowitall
Replied at: 22 Nov 2009
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