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How to get black shoe polish off kitchen cupboards?

My (lovely!) husband decided to heat some shoe polish on the gas hob to make it soft. Little did he know it contains a petrochemical. the tin caught fire as he lifted it off, causing him to spary it all over tiles and cabinets( also causing the lino to burn quite effectively cutting off his route to the sink!)After extinguishing the three fires he created and dealing with his scolded hand I managed to scrub it off the surfaces and stainless steel quite easily. However the cupboards are proving more stubborn. They are a wood effect laminate. Any ideas would be appreciated!
Question asked by: astrocat

Asked on: 07 Jan 2009

It might be worth going to a hardware store and see what they recommend - as you will probably need a stronger cleaner than a household product therefore you want to be sure that the one you pick won't do more harm than good!
By: knowitall
Replied at: 08 Jan 2009
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