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How to get rid of clovers forever ?

Is there a cheap and environmentally-friendly way of getting rid of Dutch white/red clovers on my lawn ? I have a zillion of them. I tried vinegar but that killed the grass also. Killex takes a whole month and kills only existing clovers but does not prevent future ones from sprouting. I know it has something to do with nitrogen deficiency in the soil but how do I compensate for that ?
Question asked by: carolineng

Asked on: 24 Jun 2009

It is very hard to get rid of things like clovers as they spread so easily, as can be witnessed by seeing them in one garden at the start of the street and then the following year seeing them across the gardens of the whole street!

Short of completely re-soiling the area and therefore ensuring all roots get removed and keeping them out til they spread again, there is little that can be done with little clovers.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 01 Jul 2009
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