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Help with a maths question?

ms lee took 1hour to drive 1 out of 5 of a journey from s to y she drove the remaining 180km in 4hours,what was her speed for the 1st part of the journey?how long did she take to travel the whole journey?find ms lee average speed for the whole journey.
Question asked by: jieying

Asked on: 20 Apr 2008

You need to break this out into the component parts to work the answers for the individual sections.

Then once you have done that piece it together to get the total answer.

Once you have done that you should find that you have the answer to the question - this is better than actually being given the answer as by working it out you will remember the answer and then be able to do it in the future yourself.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 27 Apr 2008
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