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During the development of the zygote, rapid cell division occurs, This cell division is calleda what?
Question asked by: kwoodard

Asked on: 22 Feb 2010

I think that this is called meiosis, though there is also mitosis so it might be that instead.

My biology is a little bit rusty so I can't fully remember but it is definitely one of those, if I had to guess I would say meiosis but not 100% sure so best to check.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 27 Feb 2010
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Hormones are secreted through endocrine glands which are poured directly into the blood and this act on target(particular) organs. Hormones are secreted in very small quantities and are biologically very active .These are not stored in the body for a long period of time . Oversecretion(hypersecretion) of hormones and its undersecretion(hyposecretion) are very dangerous.
By: tabusaha

Date of comment: Sat, Feb 27th 2010

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