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Horrible skin and terrible blackheads, and a big red spot that wont budge, help ??

my skin is quite dark, and when i get spots they ALWAYS leave marks, sometimes without even popping them, i have 2 use concealer and i really dont want 2 i hate makeup, can any1 give me any tips ? and also i have a spot, i used tea tree oil, but instead of going it's soffened and doesnt hurt, but it still really pink and shiny, whats happened to it, is this good or bad and what should i do ?? i really need an answer, i cant even go 1 metre near a person without backing away or blushing, and i have 3 big blackheads that are quite visible, any tips on that too ?? PLEASE help, im trying SO hard to keep clean etc but it just doesnt work !!
Question asked by: xxxpkxxx

Asked on: 10 Nov 2009

Use a cream that will help to stop the spots before they arrive rather than treating them when they do come.

There are now also skincare products you can get particularly that are for both blackheads and for healing scar marks all at once, so try one of those.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 15 Nov 2009
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