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How can I apply makeup in a hurry?

Question asked by: knowitall

If in a hurry you still need your makeup - otherwise you might feel almost naked going out without it, which is clearly not a good thing!

First of all if in a rush just dot the moisturiser on your face, and apply and blend foundation at the same time.

Do the same with blusher then quickly whack on a bit of eye shadow then eyeliner.

This should be all you need.

Once done just check the key points: that it is blended ok.

Ensure you have your make up bag with you as quick application may lead to more touch ups being needed during the course of the day.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Always moistuize first ! It is the key to beautiful skin and takes maybe 30 seconds . I can give you the names of a few good products to have if you want to apply your makeup but only have maybe 5 minutes . Firstly for foundation , Stila's One Step is a great one . It is a face primer , concealer and foundation all in one . I know what you're thinking , its too good to be true but from personal experience it works wonders . Secondly , i would try a cream eyeshadow . You can just rub a bit on your finger and apply it in a few seconds . If you are like me and wear eyeliner everyday , go ahead and apply it . I don`t know any way to do it faster then to just do it . Lastly mascara and you are good to go !
By: MakeupGeek

Date of comment: Tue, Aug 17th 2010

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