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How can I clean a dirty vase?

Question asked by: knowitall

If you want to clean a vase and remove all the residue then it is actually quite simple.

Empty and fill with warm water.

Once that is done, fill with sand and swill around.

The action of the grains will agitate and remove any engrained dirt and grime from the edge of the vase.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

To clean a vase, just fill with some uncooked rice and tepid water and shake, this should take all left over grime and stains off
By: debbiedude

Date of comment: Wed, Apr 1st 2009

A great way to clean a vase or other dirty, cloudy glass is to use denture cleaning tablets. Fill with hot water, drop in several tablets and let it soak. A rinse and dry should be all you need after that.
By: Cynthea

Date of comment: Fri, Feb 22nd 2008

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