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How can I enhance my cleavage?

Question asked by: knowitall

There are various things you can do to enhance the appearance of your cleavage.

You can change the way to dress to either enhance the cleavage area or draw the eye away depending what you wish.

With the cleavage itself then clearly you can use a wonderbra or other product designed to make the most of what you have.

An alternative that some use is what are known as chicken fillets, or small plastic type lumps that are used to enhance the appearance of the bust or cleavage.

Do whatever you are comfortable with and don't be afraid to experiment. But remember - there is nothing wrong with a smaller bust!

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

Hey there, the tip i would give if to basically wear a bra with a good padded structure, especially along the outsides of the bra, i sometimes try to find them bras with the opening inside (u know when it's optional to remove the padding or leave it in) u can also fit "chicken fillets" in there which give you a very sexy cleveage. If you're going to wear a low cut top, in the crease of ur cleavage rub a shade of brown along it (how dark depends on your complexion) this gives the look of a shadow, enhancing it also.hope this helps!
By: hannah178

Date of comment: Tue, Nov 18th 2008

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