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How can I get red crayon off a marble tub wall ?

Question asked by: knowitall

First use blunt object to remove wax that is there in excess for instance the back end of a spoon.

Then to remove any residue you may find that gentle heating, if safe to do so, can make the wax liquidy and then it can be absorbed up with blotting paper.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

My son and daughter just marked up the laminate flooring in the living room with a green crayon. While I was looking up the best way to clean it my daughter came in and said she got it - she used a Gain fabric softener sheet. I tried it on some that was still on the floor and it wiped right off. It might work on the tub as well.
By: joe12pack

Date of comment: Fri, Mar 28th 2008

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