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How can I make my website accessible?

Question asked by: knowitall

Website accessibility is something important but sadly few people take it seriously.

It is one area where web design packages are poor and inexperienced designers don't know how to make a site accessible.

There are some key things you should do.

One is to use alternative text for all images so that those who can't view images for whatever reason are not disadvantaged.

The next is to ensure that all navigation is accessible through either mouse or keyboard (tabbing) and that those who can't see the screen can understand the links.

Therefore use descriptive text for all your links if possible.

Ensure that any flash or javascript does not exclude those using browsers which cannot interpret this code and that there is an alternative in place.

Be sensible with your code and remove errors and ensure that you site is quick to load.

Make navigation intuitive and easy to understand and make it clear what is a link and what is text.

By: Unknown
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