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How can I meet people I'd like to date?

Question asked by: knowitall

If you'd like to date people then you need to meet people.

That is the long and the short of it and the most fundamental truth about relationships!

That said some places are clearly better than others to meet people.

One of the best places is work and an astonishing number of people meet their partners through work.

If that's a non starter then there are other options - you might meet someone randomly when out with friends on a night out for instance.

Alternatively, you might meet someone through a common interest for instance at the gym or through playing your favourite sport, walking group, local debating society or whatever you are a member of.

One thing is for sure - the more activities you involve yourself in the greater the circle of people you will be around and the greater the opportunities to meet someone - so get out there, have some fun, and see what happens!

By: Unknown
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