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How can Natural Selection Be Best defined?

Question asked by: knowitall

Interesting question.

Natural selection is the name given to the phenomenon that over time certain members of a species breed and pass on their genes and certain ones don't.

Over time, those that have the genes that cause them to be best adapted to their environment during time period t are most likely to survive and pass on their genes.

The fact that, on average over time, it is these individuals who survive and therefore carry on the species or change, is known as natural selection; as it is though nature has 'selected' the most adapted / successful individuals to be those that continue the breeding line down the chain.

Thus, natural selection may be understood in that way.

It is an interesting fact to think that every single one of your direct family tree - mother, grandmother right back for one or two billion years (or however long life has been around) has never once failed to reproduce; despite a legion of natural, and other, disasters along the way. Quite some thought!

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