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How do I become friends with this girl?

I'm in 7th grade & theirs this girl that's new to the school & she's in 8th she seems pretty cool but to shy to talk to her. What should I say to her?
Question asked by: RockerBoyX

Asked on: 11 Sep 2010

If you are too shy to talk to her then you are probably thinking about it too much.

Just play it cool and be natural about it rather than stressing out and worrying.

You can ask her simple things like how she is and what subjects she likes and all that sort of thing and then try and engage her in conversation, get her on her own so that you can get her full attention and so that she can speak freely.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 12 Sep 2010
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Next question: i really like this girl but i dnt kow weather she likes me. i need to know if she likes me so that i might ask her out. plz anser as soon as possible because someone else might get her. thnx a lot

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