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How do I change my password in Outlook Express?

I entered the wrong password into OE when I got a new computer, and now it won't connect with my webmail. I can't find anywhere on the OE site to tell me how to correct my goof-up. OE is so much more user-friendly than my webmail (which only allows 100 spam addresses on my blacklist) and I miss my Spamfighter, which doesn't seem to like my webmail either! Please help!!
Question asked by: boobook

Asked on: 23 Sep 2008

Outlook Express probably contains details for a mail account you have with a third party, for instance hotmail.

Therefore you need to identify who the email account is held with, and then go through their lost/reset password service directly, then enter the new one in the account settings in OE.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 25 Sep 2008
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