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How do I fit a shelf in a wardrobe?

My girlfriend has 4 big boxes (full of shoes) in her wardrobe and wants shelves under them so she can access the bottom ones easier. What is the best way to do this and where do I start? I'm a bit of a novice. Thanks.
Question asked by: dmorgan

Asked on: 19 Jan 2009

If you want to fit shefs in a wardrobe its pritty simple you can get 2 pices of timber screw them to the wardrobe (thin to thick . this is a basic rule of carpentry) making sure their level and get some kind of board e.g MDF or ply i wouldn't recomend soft wood it is alot more expensive and the way it is made it is not good at hold weight. Nail the board to the timbers you have screwed in and you will have a shelf oh and also make sure the timber is thick enough aswell as the screws
By: mjohnson
Replied at: 31 Jan 2009
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