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How do i get blue tack out of a carpet?

Question asked by: knowitall

To get blue tack out of a carpet, first try to use your hands to grab it out.

If it is sticky or small then that won't be enough to get it all up.

Here is a little tip to make it much less sticky and therefore easy to remove.

Get a bag of ice and place on the blue tack and press for a minute. This will make it very hard and it will lose its stickiness and then is easy to peel off with fingers or a spoon.

By: Unknown
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Comments and other answers:

If that does not work, then try lighter fuel (petrol). You can purchase a small tin from a decent newsagents, for a couple of quid, this will definately remove blue tack from clothes and carpet, just soak a small area of clean cloth and rub gently and the blue tack will disolve. DO NOT Smoke While Doing This or you probably remove your head as well as the blue tack.
By: ioweddie

Date of comment: Mon, Dec 13th 2010

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