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How do I remove shower stains on my shower curtain?

Unfortunatly I dont have alot of money to steam the darn thing. I have a plastic shower curtain that used to be see through. I live in a small apartment and I cant take it out and wash it outside cause i live in front of the main office and someone might steal it when I want it to dry. I am just tired of seeing it so clouded white... It bugs me... any one out there willing to help me? Sincerely, Woman in need.
Question asked by: Alexiel

Asked on: 04 Oct 2009

Sounds like a tricky one... will warm water and a lot of soap and elbow grease be enough to shift the stains?

If not then it might just be a case of buying a new shower curtain, you can get these for just a couple of pounds these days and I change my shower curtain every year or two as no matter what you do residue and stains seem to build up on the plastic of it, the easiest thing to do is replace it every couple of years.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 11 Oct 2009
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