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How do we find out about the history of earth?

Question asked by: mrquestion

Asked on: 03 Feb 2010

There are several ways to find out about the history of the earth.

One of the most straightforward is through looking back in time.

This can be done by drilling down into the earth as the size of the earth is building up as more and more dust etc hits the ground and so by digging down we can see the past.

For instance many artefacts of old times have been found this way, as well as animal fossils such as those of dinosaurs.

By using techniques called carbon dating and other methods that use radioactive decay we can see when certain materials date from and find out about the earth that way.

Also by drilling down into ice cores scientists can see the composition of the various gas levels like oxygen in the earths atmosphere at that time which provides more information on things like what the climate of the planet used to be.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 03 Feb 2010
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