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How do you play hanjie?

Question asked by: knowitall

Hanjie is a fun Japanese puzzle, that was originally called Tsunami when brought over to the UK and the USA.

The puzzle starts with a grid which is often square, but does not need to be, and is composed of small cells for instance in the shape of an 8 x 8 grid.

At either the top or bottom, and at either the left or right edge, of each row and column will be numbers.

These represent how many cells in that row or column are filled.

Thus a number '5' at the edge of a row indicates 5 cells are filled continuously in that row, whilst all others must be blank.

If there is a comma, then this indicates a gap of at least one cell between filled cells, thus the clue 1, 1 means that between the filled cells there is a gap of at least one cell.

The aim is to deduce gradually which must be the filled squares. The result should be one unique solution that can be worked out through logic alone, and will result in the filled cells creating a picture.

By: Unknown
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