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How does an aeroplane stay flying in the sky?

Question asked by: soona1993

Asked on: 20 Mar 2009

Two factors are in play. One is the speed that it is moving, and secondly the angle of the plane, and its wings, to the air around it.

The physics of liquid flow account for the rest (with air counting as a liquid here).

Essentially the plane is lifted by the speed at which it is moving and its angle to the liquid it is travelling through, that is, the air. This gives it enough lift to stay in the air. If it slows down, or changes its angle and therefore how it 'cuts' through the medium it is travelling through, then the lift is removed and the plane comes down to the ground.

By: knowitall
Replied at: 05 Apr 2009
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Comments and other answers:

Not quite true. Except speed it is the cross-section of the wings that matters. Its shape causes the air above the wings to have lower air pressure than at the bottom, which is normal. This causes "sucking" upwards according to the Bernouli's paradox. The bottom line has zero angle. This is "regime 1" of flying. In "regime 2" the wings have some angle against the air flow, but it is used only exceptionally because it is not economic. Airplane is not a kite which flies as it had been described. I am a glider pilot and you must know it for your examination. (Take two postcards a little bent and put them one against another. Blow between them. They will not separate as you expect but will stick together as mr. Bernouli showed us.)
By: dariovid

Date of comment: Thu, Mar 4th 2010

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