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How does gravity work?

Question asked by: knowitall

Gravity is the force of attraction between objects. Every object with mass has a gravitational pull, it is just normally too small to be noticed - but even you have a pull on the objects around you. As it is a very weak force, it needs a massive body such as the earth to have a substantial pull, though you overcome this easily when you jump, before being pulled back to the Earth again.

It is not known how gravity is carried, over a graviton has been postulated as carrying gravity. Interestingly, if the sun were to disappear it would take us 8 minutes to feel the gravitational difference just like it would take us 8 minutes to see the light disappear.

By: Unknown
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I feel that gravity is a neutrino imbalance where the weaker neutrinos that have passed through the earth cause the incoming neutrinos to have a 1g downward force. Also light is not the universal constant, this is the neutrino that carries the photon, on entering water the photon gets knocked back in the neutrino flow by 25% the neutino does not. 99% of photons are blocked by a piece of paper, 99% of neutrino would pass through a light year of lead (Neutrino year really).
By: Meddler

Date of comment: Fri, Jun 3rd 2011

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